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I’m part of the Mommy Blogger Collective. Each month we’re given a one word prompt to riff with. This month’s prompt is *bloom.*

To understand why this is wrong, you don’t have to be a feminist. You just have to be human.

In the early hours of April 15, 2014 in Chibok, Nigeria at Government Girls Secondary School, 276 girls were forcefully taken by militants. Some escaped; the majority did not. They’re still missing, likely being sold into slavery or forced into marriage, the repercussions brought down on them by extremists for simply getting an education.

#bringbackourgirls is all over the media, with famous faces backing the hashtag, looking serious, disappointed, disgusted. Rightly so. The images that get to me the most are not those of celebrities, but those of the mothers of these young girls – women with tears streaming down their faces, washing over worried crinkles and grimaces as they beg someone, anyone, to bring their babies back safely.

The educator in me is furious, and the mother in me horrified.

Sunday was Mother’s Day.

girls laughing

girls laughing

girls dreaming

girl sleeping

maternity photo shoot

I look at my daughters and (soon to be three!) nieces, and think of the the apps at their fingertips, the books at their disposal, the endless information on any topic available to them, and I pray they won’t ever have to fight to keep the basic human right to learn. They, like all girls and boys around the globe, deserve to learn, dream, to shine — to bloom.


“Bloom” is the May writing prompt of The Mommy Blogger Collective. In addition to a monthly writing prompt, the collective hosts a monthly blogger featurette. This month we are featuring Misty of Momista Beginnings. A few words from Misty — I’m Misty, the southern California blogger behind Momista Beginnings. I began this blog while pregnant with Mia over two years ago to create a space for mamas out there to connect with their inner “momista.” According to me, a momista is a devout follower and lover of motherhood who takes her role to the next level. She uses her strengths to create the best childhood for her kids through activities, traditions, adventures, exploration and experiences. My blog aims to inspire all of this. Other bits of me make up my blog as well, like my passion for photography, art, crafts, my love for baking and cooking and family updates. I’m an ex art teacher of over 10 years and my art projects for kids make appearances from time to time, too. You can also find me on Bloglovin’, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and at my photography website and its Facebook page!

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“Mr. Eat” and flower crown day

Ah, Pinterest. You are addicting. Especially when you’re a visual person. (You’re nodding, yes, yes.) A super cute photo of an adorable girl wearing a flower crown holding a baby calf got stuck in my head when it popped up on my feed. I don’t have a calf, (seriously, right?) but I do have awesome neighbors who have a bunny (rabbit? bunny?) named “Mr. Eat.” Behold:

black and white bunny

Mr. Eat came over with one of his humans this afternoon. We got some time to pet him, learn about his bunny habits, what makes him happy, and offer him some bunny treats and organic arugula. He snubbed both, probably because Hudson was screeching in super-sonic decibels of excitement while trying to kiss him. Mr. Eat probably had agita.

Black and white bunny

He’s a sweetheart, and let our kids pet him (gently) as he graciously posed for photos in our yard, and then came inside to meet Lucy, who didn’t show hair envy at all.

Black and white bunny, sphynx cat

A big thanks to Mr. Eat and his humans for today’s visit! I’m sure tomorrow the kids will want a bunny…my plate is full these days…as undeniably adorable as Mr. Eat is, that’s a chuckle and a *no* bunny.

Mr Eat Day 1-11

Black and White Bunny

Later, I took the ladies outside to twirl around like hippies in the sunset:

Girl with flower crown

Girl with flower crown

Mr Eat Day 1-4

Girl with flower crown

Girl with flower crown

Girl with flower crown

Make it a good week! A pet a bunny kind of week.