Welcome to Ruffles and Trains! I’m Erin. Wife/Mommy/Educator/Photographer/Writer. The (very) condensed version of my story is this: I married the guy I’ve loved forever, and we have three little ones.

I love photography and it’s a passion for me. I’m also a wanna be decorator, have mental lists of DIY projects that will likely never be made, and could live on a tropical island (with indoor plumbing and AC, of course), no problem. I’m a die hard sci fi junkie & I’m mildly obsessed with hydrangea, peonies and anything damask or toile print.

We live in northern NJ on a mountainside and have a pretty view which I’m always grateful for. Ruffles and Trains is where I share our corner of the world and magnify the easily overlooked pieces of amazing in each day and add some pictures to it all. Thanks for stopping by, and don’t forget to say hi!