Love comes in platinum: Hudson’s Valentine’s Day photo shoot!

Taking photos of my 22 month old mini-man is like taking a photo of a hummingbird. Constant motion! Unlike big sisters Gwenyth and Teagan, both glamour hams, Hudson Thomas has his own agenda. Really, mommy? Really? It’s all good. I bribe him with candy. Yep. No shame. If I’ve taken pictures of your darling, I’m sure some sugar-coated treat was busted out to encourage adorable eye-batting or head tilting just this way or that. In the case of a toddler like mine who would rather play with his trains, (or run back and forth behind your back-drop set up, thrilled and laughing, obviously knowing that you’re panicking, thinking he’s going to charge through it like a bull) – that candy was a legit bribe just to be still for a single shot. My platinum pumpkin did well, he did. He learned quickly that if he stood in the spot on the studio floor mommy pointed to long enough and looked at “the circle” (my lens), he’d be rewarded with a conversation heart. Smarty pants. Mommy’s baby! And his favorite flavor? All of them. 

Hudson's PicMonkey Collage

h watermark 1

h watermark 2

h watermark 3



  1. Phil says:

    Cute kid… who’s his daddy? 😉

  2. Oh my goodness — I am in love! I’ve got to do some Valentine’s pix of Roman. 🙂

  3. Jenessa says:


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