My last day with a one year old


Today it struck me that tomorrow is my last day with a one year old, because this shop is closed, and because Hudson turns two on Friday. WHAT!? My baaaby. *Sniff* I admit that despite my resolve to rejoice in every day my babies grow, this is making me a little sad. Sigh. My blue-eyed angel can do no wrong…except for draw all over the walls in four rooms with black crayon. Twice.

I’ve been chasing the mini-man around this week, taking pictures of him getting into his usual Hudson Tommy business, (coloring with his sister, trying to break into my studio), taking shots from his viewpoint and realizing just how annoying it must be to not be able to reach the bananas. I’m looking over the photos now, feeling grateful for my (nearly) two years with this little guy, and also reminded just how beautiful the small moments in every day are, and at the same time remembering that there are no small moments. They’re all a gift.

PicMonkey Collage


Each of my little ones have added joy (and craziness) to my life (don’t be fooled!) Each day since they have arrived, I’ve found a reason to smile a lot wider, and a lot longer. When Hudson smashes his Thomas the Train cake into his face this weekend and follows it up with his infectious belly laugh, it will be one of those days.





  1. I love these photos. 🙂 I am always so emotional about my boys’ birthdays. I’m sure that your littlest will still feel like your “baby” for a long time. I still call Asher my baby and he’ll be 3 this summer – eek!

    • Erin says:

      Thank you, Gillian! It *does* go so fast! He’ll always be your baby, even when he towers over you! XO

  2. oh goodness. what a lovely set of photos and such beautiful words about your littlest boy. so sweet. <3

  3. mom says:

    Imagine how I feel when you or Colleen have a birthday. I wish I had realized how fast life would go by. I would have tried harder as you do to savor the moments . I LOVE YOU

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