Father’s Day and a Fisheye lens

What to do on Father’s Day? How about an impromptu visit to the city (“THE” city = NYC) + a borrowed fish eye lens (thanks Kathy and Justin!) + uber messy ice cream and a family BBQ? Yes!

So I’ve been itching to get my mits on a fish eye lens, and thanks to some friends, borrowed one. What ensued? Lots and lots (and lots) of photos. Hudson had a full wardrobe change after this outing. Enjoy the progression of sticky sprinkes, filth and fun!

We saw the Freedom Tower, which is quite awesome:

Freedom Tower

We watched boats, helicopters, planes, people, dogs, and you name it zoom, walk, run, sail or fly by.

Father's Day-3

Then we got ice cream. Chocolate with sprinkles.

Father's Day-7 Father's Day-6 Father's Day-8

“You talkin’ to me?!”

Father's Day-10 Father's Day-12

And things got messy, toddler style.

Father's Day-13

Teagan never likes my suggestions to lick all sides equally. See? ^ ^^ Has NOT mastered the art of ice cream eating in the summer yet. In time, young one. In time.

Father's Day-14 Father's Day-15

Gwen’s approach is that of speed. That ice cream never had a chance.

Father's Day-16

Sccccoooowwwwl. He wasn’t mad or anything here. He had ice cream in his eyelashes. Not kidding.

Father's Day-17 Father's Day-18 Father's Day-20

Ah, those eyes! STILL not mastering the even licking pattern I suggested needed to beat the heat. Fine then. Carry on.

Father's Day-22 Father's Day-23 Father's Day-24

Ah, yes. About 50 baby wipes went into cleaning this dude.

Father's Day-25 Father's Day-26

Hi, Mom! I just ate all of my ice cream in warp speed, and now I’m taking your shake! Good thing anyway, because you’re off dairy, and had three sips! GASP! I’m helping you, see?

Father's Day-27

Pretty sure he’s having an out of body experience here.

Father's Day-28

All cleaned up, and FIRED up on chocolate.

Father's Day-29

See that blurry toddler hand grabbing for the giant balloon? Yes, I’m balancing all 30 lbs of sugar-charged Hudson on my hip and still taking photos.

Hope everyone had a Happy Father’s Day! BBQ pics and Teagan’s new favorite toy (a quad – sigh) to come!


My last day with a one year old


Today it struck me that tomorrow is my last day with a one year old, because this shop is closed, and because Hudson turns two on Friday. WHAT!? My baaaby. *Sniff* I admit that despite my resolve to rejoice in every day my babies grow, this is making me a little sad. Sigh. My blue-eyed angel can do no wrong…except for draw all over the walls in four rooms with black crayon. Twice.

I’ve been chasing the mini-man around this week, taking pictures of him getting into his usual Hudson Tommy business, (coloring with his sister, trying to break into my studio), taking shots from his viewpoint and realizing just how annoying it must be to not be able to reach the bananas. I’m looking over the photos now, feeling grateful for my (nearly) two years with this little guy, and also reminded just how beautiful the small moments in every day are, and at the same time remembering that there are no small moments. They’re all a gift.

PicMonkey Collage


Each of my little ones have added joy (and craziness) to my life (don’t be fooled!) Each day since they have arrived, I’ve found a reason to smile a lot wider, and a lot longer. When Hudson smashes his Thomas the Train cake into his face this weekend and follows it up with his infectious belly laugh, it will be one of those days.