Tea Tea’s chocolate party in the park

She asked for chocolate. She asked for her preschool friends. Our blue eyed girl turned 4, and we celebrated Teagan’s “chocolate in the park” (yes, her idea) themed party under sunny skies.

I wanted to incorporate everything Tea asked for, and do it low-key. I’m not low key. I want to be. I also have an awful habit of underestimating the amount time needed to complete just about every task. The man can tell you that I estimate everything to take about “ten minutes.” This is why the night before Teagan’s party, I was roaming around Michael’s (the craft store) at 8:45 pm as employee announced they’d be closing in 15 minutes, feverishly looking for the perfect ribbon to use for 40 bagged lunches that I hadn’t made at that point. (Insert insane laughter.)

Found. Done. Cake walk. Fast forward to 12 am, when the hole puncher (used to create the holes to tie said ribbon, of course) inexplicably breaks into 4 pieces (whaaa?) and smashes on the kitchen island in some slow, dramatic sequence. Low point. The man took a break from his battle in Clash of Clans and fixed it. Thank you 1,000 times, because the scissor holes I punched in two  bags to try and compensate was just not looking good. 1 am. Bagged lunches for the kiddos complete with at “T” for Teagan. Check, check, and check.

I have never seen a kid not like a Nutella sandwich, so the lunches went over big. Score again.

Picnic theme party lunch

Picnic theme party lunch

Picnic style party lunch

Picnic party

Cousin Maverick!

Picnic party

Taylor and mom, Heather

Picnic Party

Tea’s  sweet cousin Frankie and her mom, Aunt Lynda of Lyn’s Cookies!

One of my good friends/mom of Teagan’s friend looked around and the set up, looked at me and said:”You didn’t make all of this.” She’s totally right. She knows me well! I know I’ve said it before. It’s  magnificent to have family members who are caterers. I’m smiling as I type this. It’s beyond wonderful. Any locals already know about The Little Food Cafe in Pompton Plains, but Dana is in full effect there and an aaaamazing party planner. She hooked Teagan up with these (of course chocolate) zebra cupcakes:

Zebra and polka dot cupcakes

Zebra cupcakes? You bet. Why? For the past year, Teagan has religiously sported her “Oma dress” (from her Oma), which is a zebra-print tutu dress, nick-named “the uniform.” Of course the day of her party, she refused to wear zebra print but opted for horizontal stripes, since they’re “kinda like zebra stripes, see?” Fair enough. I was just happy she didn’t insist on wearing pajamas, a tutu and rain boots, one of her favorite and signature looks.

animal print

Aunt Dana and Aunt Colleen went with cheeta print for the day! Jersey girls think alike.

The party parting gift for the kiddos, these super-fun cookies, were made by another fabulously talented family member, Lynda of Lyn’s Cookies! These were gone faster than I could hand them out:

Zebra print cookie

Happy Birthday, Teagan, my beautiful little poet! Next up: Gwen’s 6th birthday in July. Let the planning begin! (“Low key” of course.)

blonde girl with necklace

blonde girl with necklace

blonde girl with necklace



  1. awww this is great! thanks for the shout out xoxoxo

  2. What an adorable party! I love it… I know just what you mean about things taking longer than we plan. Pinterest makes everything look so easy, grrrr.. Beautiful job, Mama. It looks like Teagan had a wonderful time! xo

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