The blog is UP…and my DIY resolution!


Behold THE glue of all glues…OH, and don’t get it on your skin!

This blog has been a long time coming. It’s time! I’ll be ranting and reflecting on just about anything that comes to mind! So, upfront – thanks for reading Ruffles and Trains!

What has also been a long time coming is me being able to create a DIY craft *without* gluing my fingers together. No joke – that really happened, and it was 100% un-fun. And it wasn’t with Elmer’s glue, no, no. Hardcore “avoid contact with your skin” could-glue-a-chair-to-the-ceiling Gorilla Glue. This was the end result of trying to make some adorable hair bows for my girls late last winter: FAIL.

The first thing that came to mind when I realized that I couldn’t move my thumb away from my pointer finger on my left hand because, well, I had applied glue in the wrong spot on the “easy to make” hair bow (pppphhsst) was the kid in the Christmas Story movie who sticks his tongue to the flag pole in subzero weather, and it freezes onto the metal. Exactly at the same time, I pictured what a shining star of brilliance I’d look like explaining to the ER staff that my fingers were glued together in a botched attempted at craftiness, and how they’d be all professional and help me out, take my giant co-pay then laugh about it in the staff room later. Then, I panicked.

After jumping up and down in the middle of the kitchen around 11:45 pm (as if that would loosen the glue), and after numerous applications of soapy, warm water and several bouts of muffled shrieking, I was free.

Why this DIY interest? (You’d think I had learned my lesson, right?) I’m surrounded by crafty people. Aunts, my mother, cousins, my sister – they are all DIY divas. So inspiring! I’ve often been labeled as“artsy,” and I’m definitely a visual person. Crafty? Not so much. What I’ve come to realize is that being “crafty” requires persistence and patience, the latter of which is a virtue that I reserve for my three kids and not much else. It’s also something that I’m not too fabulous at (you don’t say?), and because I’m that person who somehow finds a way make things a little harder for herself, here I go!

One recent example of the insanely amazing craftiness I’m surrounded by.

This is Dana Van Decker’s Thanksgiving table!

People, 2014 will be my year of DIY crafts. I’ll be picking a craft and giving myself 2 weeks to complete it, and then moving on to the next one. I’ll post the final product (along with the gorgeous Pinterest picture that lured me in, if that’s the case,) side by side, after each endeavor.

Wish me luck! (Cause I’m gonna need it!)



  1. Dana says:

    When you become famous remember my table setting please

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